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MySpace Revamps Classifieds Business With Oodle — As social nets look to increase their ad revenues, MySpace is taking a more serious stab at the online classified market with a new channel. The Fox Interactive unit’s new MySpace Classifieds promises better search and pricing guides. But the main difference is that the listings are now linked to MySpace profiles – not anonymous IDs. MySpace got an assist on the new site from online classifieds operator Oodle. As explained in a post on Oodle’s blog the hope is that users will encourage friends in their network to help them buy or sell through MySpace bulletins and blogs. MySpace says the past classifieds site drew roughly million members monthly. Now, it will be able to draw on the 200-plus listings sites in Oodles network.

IAC’s Life123 Comes To Life; Goals Include Saving You Time, Ranking Well In Search — If you must think of every new thing as the “something-killer” then you’d probably call Life123 an, or a Mahalo killer, or a Google Knol killer. Fortunately, as Robert Deutsch, VP of content development & operations at the new IAC-owned unit, assured me, doesn’t have to die for Life123 to thrive. We first broke the news that IAC was cooking up a new how-to aggregator back in April. At the time, we knew it as, which was in fact an early name for the project. Turns out, in testing, users didn’t like the concept of dividing content into 3-minute, 30-minute and 3-hour chunks so that named got ditched for the current one. The new site still offers users the chance to dive into a topic at various depths from quick and dirty summaries to more thorough explorations.

24/7 Real Media’s COO Hsu Upped To CEO; Moore To Stay On As Chairman — David Moore, the ad exec who has helped lead WPP Group interactive shop 24/7 Real Media since its days as a startup 12 years ago, is stepping aside as CEO and handing the reins to Jonathan Hsu effective immediately. Hsu, 36, previously served as 24/7’s EVP/COO. As part of the move, Moore will take a wider focus on crafting strategic relationships, recruitment and business development. He’ll also still work with WPP Digital on getting the various parts of the company to be more tightly integrated.

Yahoo Japan boss has not discussed sale of shares with Softbank or Yahoo — Yahoo Japan’s chief executive stated he has not discussed the potential sale of Yahoo Japan shares owned by Softbank or Yahoo. Cited in a Wall Street Journal report, Masahiro Inoue said he had not talked about any such sales with officials from California-based internet company Yahoo or Softbank, the Japanese mobile-telecoms group. Should Yahoo decide to sell its Yahoo Japan stock, Softbank would have the right of first refusal, Inoue pointed out. He added his belief that investment in the Asian region is important at a time when the Asian internet-services industry is experiencing strong growth, the report said. The piece noted that the company announced a first-quarter net profit of JPY 19.16bn (USD 177.6m), up 18% on the previous year; sales rose 16% to JPY 65.56bn. Source: mergermarket.

Google, Mediatel and several financial groups interested in acquiring Seznam — Google, Mediatel, the Czech privately-owned publishing group, and some financial groups are interested in acquiring Seznam, the privately-owned Czech Internet portal, reported E15. The brief report cited another report in but did not name any sources for the information. It said the minimum price being asked was USD 900m. The report said it is understood that Microsoft has not been approached yet over buying Seznam. E15 said Ivo Lukacovic, Seznam’s majority owner, continued to deny that Seznam was being sold. Seznam is the largest Czech Internet portal, as earlier reported. Source: mergermarket. Q2 Revs Up 162 Percent; Income Soars; Will IPO Games Unit Separately — The major Chinese portals continue their torrid pace of growth, as (NSDQ: SOHU) announced Q2 revenue growth of 162 percent to $102 million. GAAP net income of $40.2 million or $1.02 per share was up over 600 percent from last year. The top-line was helped by 53 percent ad revenue growth, as well as 450 percent growth in non-advertising revenue, largely from online games. The company’s in-house developed MMO Tian Long Ba Bu grew 11.5 fold since its inception in May 2007. In addition to boosting the top line, it also helped expand profitability: Gross margins stood at 76 percent, compared to 61 percent in the year ago period.

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