Articles of the Day

Google Expands Efforts To Put Newspaper Archives Online; Timeline, Partners Unclear — In the latest chapter of newspapers’ love-hate relationship with Google News, Google is expanding its online archive effort beyond indexing the existing digital archives of the New York Times and Washington Post to publishers without the resources to digitize. Being Google (NSDQ: GOOG), the goal, of course, is to get every issue of every newspaper online in searchable and fully browsable form. Info on the actual partners is scarce right now but the list includes ProQuest and Heritage; papers cited in the announcement on Google’s blog calls out the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and the Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph.

NBCU Cable Will Deploy Google TV Ads; Multi-Year Partnership Covers Advertising, Research, Tech — Speaking of Google and advertising, the company finally lands a big deal on the inventory side for Google TV Ads. NBC Universal will use Google TV Ads to sell national ad inventory for several NBCU Cable networks as part of a multi-year partnership between the GE media unit and Google (NSDQ: GOOG). The two will share “all ad revenue” in the search company’s first major network deal for Google TV Ads. Participating networks include Sci Fi, Oxygen, MSNBC, CNBC, Sleuth, and Chiller but not Bravo or USA. Google and NBCU promise advertisers access to viewership data “at an unprecedented scale” and the ability to make “real-time adjustments.” The agreement includes: working together to adapt Google TV Ads for local markets; possible expansion to other NBCU properties; the right for NBCU “to set parameters” for the purchase of ad time; NBCU and Google also will collaborate on custom marketing and research projects for Google TV Ads; access for NBCU to advertisers using Google AdWords. Google TV Ads uses set top boxes to serve targeted ads. So far, only the DISH network and a California cable system are on board. NBCU’s involvement could help push the needle.

AT&T Launches Yahoo’s OneSearch — AT&T has formally launched Yahoo’s oneSearch as the default search option on its MediaNet mobile portal following a deal the companies struck earlier this year. Through oneSearch, Yahoo promises AT&T wireless customers access to news, financial information, weather conditions, Flickr and mobile Web sites. The service will also include sponsored search ads with results as well as ringtones, games and other mobile content available via AT&T’s on-deck Media Mall.

AOL May Add Third-Party Services To Home Page — TechCrunch is reporting that it has learned via leaked screenshots that AOL is considering the addition of third-party services to its main page. “If these screen shots are real and AOL intends to push them live, this is an even more radical departure from the home-grown-content-only days,” according to Michael Arrington of TechCrunch.

NYTCo. Cuts 550 Jobs As It Exits The Wholesale Delivery Business — In another sign of the ailing print business, the New York Times Co (NYSE: NYT). is closing down its metro distribution center and with it, cutting 550 jobs. The center, called City & Suburban, handles delivery for the NYT and approximately 200 other newspapers and magazines to newsstands and retail stores in the New York area. The decision to exit the wholesale distribution business, which started in 1992, was pinned on changing economic conditions—such as the migration of readers and ad revenue to online and the higher cost of fuel. Local delivery will now resemble NYTCo.’s national distribution, which is handled by outside companies.

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