Articles of the Day

Google Chrome Passes Opera For Marketshare By One Account — We’re not going to follow this manically but it’s worth checking in on how much-hyped Google Chrome is doing since its Sept. 2 launch. Net Applications puts use eight days in at roughly 1 percent of surfers, compared with 0.74 percent share for Opera in August, according to Or for another comparison, IE 8 beta 2 had 0.34 percent use on Wednesday. Firefox, which recently upgraded was at 19.73 percent. What does it mean? Nothing really except that Google with its wide reach can get from zero to 1 percent and higher when it wants. (That reach would be one of the aspects the Department of Justice is exploring now.) Can it keep share and keep building? I stopped my first trial after a few video crashes and will wait a while before giving it another shot. Chrome has a lot of appeal for those who want fast loading and the Google brand. But, as Yahoo’s (NSDQ: YHOO) David Filo mentioned earlier today, Google has had mixed success.

Yahoo Press Day: Yahoo Music Opens Up, Third-Party Content, Home Page Tweaks — Yahoo to open music site to other services: Scott Moore: “We are going to completely open up Yahoo Music in the next few weeks.” The site will feature info about songs and artists from other services. Liveblogging From Yahoo’s “Open House”: Sexy Email and Barbara Mandrell!: “Moore showed off a new look for Yahoo’s news properties, including substantially more third-party content integration and interchangeable modules. It’s not a new idea, by any stretch, but it looks like a good change. ‘Our users are in control,’ said Moore. ‘We’re not doing this open thing because it is the flavor of the month.’ David Filo: No browser for Yahoo: No Jerry or Sue but co-founder David Filo was on hand and talked to CNET (NSDQ: CNET). Filo: “”I don’t think you’re going to see a browser from us….We’re getting to the point where everything we do is a completely open platform.” As for Google (NSDQ: GOOG) Chrome, too soon to tell: “They’ve been trying a lot of things, most of which won’t go anywhere. This is another thing they’re throwing against the wall.”

Burst Media Launches Entertainment Network — Online ad services company Burst Media has launched a network consisting of some 150 Web sites that reach 21 million unique visitors and deliver nearly 70 million ad impressions each month. The Burst Entertainment Network is designed to appeal to marketers looking to reach film and TV fans, as well as gamers and music aficionados. Sites in the Burst Entertainment Network offer a range of entertainment content and are categorized by genre to allow advertisers to reach distinct audience segments. These genres are Action and Sci-Fi (men 18-34 years), Kids and Family (women with children in household), Comedy and Romance (men and women 18-34 years), and Independent (adults ages 35-54).

Reed Business’ Auction Running Into Trouble? — Reed Business Information’s second round auction may be running into trouble, as bidders are lowering their prices, reports Times UK. There are no bids close to its £1.25 billion ($2.5 billion) asking price and there is talk the unit may be worth as little as £800 million ($1.6 billion), the report says. Yet, there is still hope that Reed may be able to sell as a whole, with Bain Capital believed to be particularly interested, the story says. Is the piecemeal sale still possible?

NBCU’s Strategy On Women’s Sites Appears To Work; Collective Traffic Up 28 Percent — NBC Universal’s strategy to link its women’s sites together in a content and ad network seems to be paying off, traffic- wise at least. The company’s cluster of women-oriented sites operating under the Women@NBCU banner–, BlogHer, and—attracted a collective 19.8 million uniques last month, ClickZ reported, citing stats from Media Metrix. That number represents a 28 percent increase over the 15.4 million uniques it had in August 2007, signifiying the 25th straight month of year-over-year growth. Full story —

Dailymotion Selects Poke For Brand Assignment — Video entertainment site Dailymotion has appointed digital specialist agency Poke to assist with positioning its brand for international growth, including branding, digital strategy, Web and interactive marketing initiatives. The activity will be managed internationally, and led by Poke New York. The agency was appointed in a three-way pitch.

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