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Yahoo Board To Meet, Consider AOL Deal — The Yahoo board is set to meet for the first time since Carl Icahn and two new board members were added. As Kara Swisher reports, there will be much to discuss, particularly the company’s stock falling to a five-year low. What can Yahoo do to boost shares? Swisher says the purchase of AOL from Time Warner looks to be Yahoo’s “most attractive option,” and that the talks are “more serious than (have) been reported.” Other problems that need to be addressed include attracting new top-level talent, reacting to the troubled economy (in which display advertising looks particularly weak), and appeasing disenchanted investors. However, Swisher that Wall Street’s recent meltdown might not weigh as heavily on the Web giant as previously thought. “In relative terms, with a strong balance sheet, the company is quite healthy compared with many firms,” she says, adding that Yahoo may become a reliable place “advertisers flee to in times of uncertainty.”

Antitrust Group’s Advice On Google-Yahoo Ad Pact: Limit Incentives For Yahoo To Run Google Ads — Given the name, it’s probably not a surprise that the American Antitrust Institute has issued a white paper (PDF) calling the Google-Yahoo ad pact “anticompetitive.” But in a glass half-full take, the group does cite some “pro-competitive” benefits to the deal as well. It also has some advice for keeping the deal intact without skirting antitrust rules. The partnership, which is being examined by the U.S. Department of Justice for potential antitrust violations, gives Yahoo (NSDQ: YHOO) the option of placing Google (NSDQ: GOOG) ads on its search results. The AAI, which describes itself as non-profit education, research and advocate, wants assurances that the deal won’t create “a black hole that swallows up Yahoo, despite Yahoo’s intentions to stay in business.” The AAI’s paper adds that in general, it is more than natural to be concerned about any deal between two such larger players that potentially gives the dominant firm a market share in excess of 90 percent.

Google Android Phone G1 Live: T-Mobile G1 Will Be For Sale In US Oct. 22 For $179 — T-Mobile USA announced today that customers in the U.S. will be able to pre-order the T-Mobile G1, beginning today at General availability will begin Oct. 22 at select T-Mobile retail stores and online in the U.S. The G1 will cost $179 with a two-year voice and data agreement. The T-Mobile G1 will also be available in the United Kingdom beginning in November, and across Europe in the first quarter of 2009. Countries include Germany, Austria, Czech Republic and the Netherlands. Data plans will start as low as $25 and go up to $35 a month for unlimited messaging and Internet browsing.

Amazon Confirms Music Store For The Google Android G1 — As rumors indicated yesterday, (NSDQ: AMZN) confirmed today that it will provide an Amazon MP3 music store for the T-Mobile G1, which is just a half an hour away from being unveiled at a press conference in New York. The store will allow T-Mobile G1 users to search, download, buy and play music from a catalog of 6 million DRM-free MP3 songs from all four major music labels and thousands of independent labels. But wait, don’t get too excited because as you may suspect, the tracks will have to be downloaded over a Wi-Fi connection, however, users can still browse, listen to samples and buy on the T-Mobile network. Still, this is an improvement over even Nokia’s (NYSE: NOK) highly anticipated Comes With Music service, which is expected to be a side-loading only affair. More than 1 million songs cost 89 cents, while albums are priced between $5.99 to $9.99. Engadget couldn’t have said it better when it said: “How you like them Apples, Apple.

AP Moves Online Video Network From Microsoft To thePlatform — Looking to revamp its Online Video Network, the Associated Press is handing over the running of its video player and uploading service from Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) to thePlatform, the Comcast-owned broadband and mobile video services provider. The AP didn’t offer a reason for the switch from Microsoft in its announcement. It comes just as the wire service is preparing to rollout a new video platform by December. The two-year-old OVN service sends news video to—and from—AP’s global affiliates. The move also comes as the AP finds itself battling back a rebellion from its members of its fee structure and more competition from online sites like, which has struck deals with local newspapers to share its coverage of Washington DC as part of its new ad network.

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