Articles of the Day

Google, Yahoo Keep Talking To DoJ On Ad Deal; Strategic Costs From Yahoo’s Side: $73M This Year — Despite some rumbles about the Google-Yahoo ad deal being in regulatory trouble, the two companies insist they are still talking to the U.S. Justice Department about it, CEO Eric Schmidt said today. The companies have extended their discussions with DoJ, it announced earlier this month, though Google had previously said that it would move ahead with implementing the deal in October, with or without approval from antitrust approval. The anti-trust decision is expected anytime now, maybe as soon as this week.

HLTH And WebMD Could Make Buys, Now That Merger Is Canceled — HLTH and WebMD, the two listed medical portals that called off their merger agreement, could make buys, reported the Wall Street Journal. The report, part of a story looking at HLTH and WebMd’s move to call off the merger, cited Martin Wygod, chairman of both companies, as saying that by ending the merger, both companies are in a good position to pursue buys. HTLH of Elmwood Park, New Jersey owns 84% of WebMD of New York. HLTH has a market capitalization of USD 1.7bn. Source: mergermarket.

CBS Interactive Hopes To Gather TV Viewers And Web Users In ‘Social Viewing Rooms’— While the data on how many viewers are watching TV and surfing the web simultaneously has been a little thin the past few years, CBS Interactive (NYSE: CBS) feels it has little to lose with a new service that aims to capture those viewers doing both. Its new Social Viewing Room service will encourage users to watch shows on TV, find like-minded fans and participate in chats around a particular program. This is something that MTV Networks (NYSE: VIA) has pursued for awhile, with shows like The Hills. But CBS, which has historically attracted the oldest audiences of the major broadcasters, has been a little late to the game. At the launch, there are about a dozen shows in the Social Viewing Room. As part of a promotional campaign around CBS’ new service, Intel (NSDQ: INTC) is having its brand “weaved” into the room’s content, which are grouped into three channels—primetime, daytime and CBS Classics.

Music Social Network Imeem In Play; Hires Bank; Laying Off 25 Percent — Online music-focused social network Imeem is on the block, according to our sources, and has hired investment banker Montgomery and Co. to lead the sale. Coincidentally, we have also learned that the company is announcing some layoffs internally today—as much as 25 percent of its around 80-strong workforce. These layoffs are mainly on the technical back end and services side. The company has done its on-demand streaming music deals with all four majors, and has also been working with a slew of indies. As it has built out its platform (it recently relaunched its site/service), and done most of the biz dev deals, the focus now is on growing audience and monetizing the platform…it won’t be needing as much technical expertise going ahead, the sources say, and hence the layoffs.

Glam Media Finds Its Male Side, Launches — After offering a hint about its plans last month, female-centric Glam Media has released Brash, its new male-focused lifestyle and entertainment online hub. Brash is being targeted to men 18-49 years old and is beginning life with more than 25 sites including ArtistDirect,, Squidoo and SpirlFrog. Samir Arora, Glam’s CEO, claims that the Brash network has more then 10 million uniques at launch. The network is comprised of five channels: Men’s Lifestyle (Style, Fitness, Travel, Food & Drink), Entertainment (Music, Movies, TV, Games), Tech (Audio, Gadgets, PC & Macs), Auto (Luxury, Sport, SUV, and Sedans) and News (World, US, Politics & Tech). In addition to the site network, Glam has also created BrashTV, a DRM-protected, video distribution platform built on GlamTV. Partners on that offering include Entertainment Studios, CINELAN 3-Minute Films, and

Interwoven’s Adaptive Targeting Personalizes Ads, Content — An optimization platform that delivers targeted ads becomes available today from Interwoven. The Optimost Adaptive Targeting service allows businesses to offer the best combination of advertisements and content based on click patterns and characteristics of those visiting their sites.

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