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LinkedIn CEO: Everything’s Rosy Here — The San Francisco Chronicle sits down with LinkedIn CEO Dan Nye to discuss the professional social network’s fortunes in 2008. At last count, LinkedIn was the fourth largest social networking site, behind MySpace, Facebook and It is also the fourth fastest growing social network, according to the Chronicle report, behind Twitter, and Ning, with membership of 30 million. The private company is expected to rake in $100 million in ad revenue in 2008, up from $10 million at the end of 2006. In June, LinkedIn raised new capital valuing the firm at $1 billion. “What’s most gratifying is seeing the success that people are having on the network,” Nye says in a lengthy interview. “There are just amazing stories about people making money, finding opportunities, getting advice, avoiding disasters from reference checking, reconnecting with important people in their lives, getting introductions, getting access.”

Collective Media Debuts Performance-Based Network — As if direct marketers needed another ad network to choose from, ad network and technology provider Collective Media today is expected to unveil its own performance-based ad network–Directive Network. The company’s CEO, Joe Apprendi, however, is confident that the new Directive Network will stand out among the more than 200 such networks saturating the market today.

Google Debuts Display Ad Builder Features — The upgrades, based on user feedback, aim to provide greater customization and make building display ads easier. The image picker feature lets users choose from previously uploaded images when creating ads. Real-time editing lets users see text and other custom edits without having to click the “update preview” button. 

Microsoft To Rebrand Live Search — Microsoft is once again rebranding its search engine, TechCrunch says, citing a Microsoft source. The software giant plans to rename Windows Live Search sometime early next year, and “Kumo”, a Japanese word meaning “cloud” or “spider” is apparently the frontrunner, according to the blog LiveSide. Microsoft recently purchased the domain name. According to TechCrunch, very few people inside Microsoft are privy to the pending change, and “Kumo” has not been confirmed, although a source claims that a final decision about the new name has been made.  

Job Sites Step Up As Unemployment Hits 14-Year High — Unemployment in the U.S. has hit a 14-year high as companies cut back. That has sent masses of laid-off workers flocking to the Web in search of opportunities — and job sites have been stepping up to meet the challenge. New job sites with names like have sprung up to take advantage of growing user interest amid the economic downturn. Established sites, such as, have also started rolling out new features to improve the relevance of job listings for candidates and make their résumés stand out, among other things. And some sites, such as, are providing career counseling and other new services.

Articles of the Day

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EarthLink To Aggressively Pursue AOL Dial-Up Merger; Other M&A Hopes — EarthLink, which earlier today reported its Q2 earnings, said that it wants to facilitate consolidation in the dial-up ISP space, including going after AOL’s dial-up business, which parent Time Warner has already said it is looking to sell off. CEO Rolla Huff: “We believe we’re best-positioned to be the consolidator in this industry…When an industry reaches a point of maturation and growth stops, it simply makes good economic sense to consolidate into one cost platform.” In a separate interview with WSJ, Huff expanded on this: he said merging the two would create cost savings and better service, benefiting customers as well as shareholders of both companies. “We think it’s worth aggressively pursuing,” he said.

ESPN To Launch Online Action Sports Network; Morphing EXPN Into It — Right on cue around the X Games, ESPN has announced plans to launch an online action sports network, imaginatively called ESPN Action Sports Network. The online channel, slated for a fall launch, will have a slew of sites, each focused on action sports such as surfing, skateboarding, motocross and snowboarding. This will expand on its X Games franchise that it created more than a decade ago. The network also developed the website about a year ago to start offering daily content of different extreme sports, but that will now become ESPN Action Sports Network, the company says.

Marchex Relaunches Local Ad Platform — Local online advertising company Marchex today will relaunch its local ad platform with the integration of its online and call-based ad services. “We fundamentally believe that phone calls are the currency that local businesses operate under,” said Leigh McMillan, SVP of marketing and communications at Marchex. Marchex Connect 2.0 represents the proverbial fruit from the company’s acquisition of call-based ad unit VoiceStar last year for $28 million. That deal also added more than 100 local advertiser aggregators including Comcast, The Cobalt Group, R.H. Donnelley/Dex, and YellowBook USA to Marchex’s roster of partners.

Collective Media Launches Video Ad Network — Online ad network and technology provider Collective Media is launching its own video ad network. The network, supported by Collective’s proprietary AMP platform, provides advertisers with video content from publishers within the Collective Network, along with a suite of in-stream ad units, including pre-roll and overlay video formats.

Google Working On a Formal VC Arm — Google has done a number of strategic investments over the years, and usually big amounts in big-issue-tackling companies, like powerline internet, WiMax, and others. It even has a non-profit foundation to invest in global challenges. Now it wants to start a formal venture capital arm, a la Intel Capital, Time Warner investment, Steamboat (Disney’s (NYSE: DIS) venture arm) or BlueRun Ventures (formerly part of Nokia), reports WSJ, citing sources. The group will be lead by David Drummond, Google’s SVP of corp dev, chief legal officer, and it has also hired William Maris, a 33-year-old former entrepreneur who has worked as an investor, to help set up the venture.