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Posted in Digital Media, News with tags , , , , , , , , , on June 27, 2008 by Dave Liu

Bill Gates Resigns To Focus On Philantrophy — Microsoft chairman Bill Gates has resigned to dedicate himself to the Gates Foundation. Gates, who co-founded Microsoft, has been gradually handing over power since 2000, when he appointed Steve Ballmer as CEO. In 2006, he relinquished the position of chief software architect, replacing himself with Ray Ozzie while promoting Craig Mundie to chief research and strategy officer.

Dailymotion Sees No Sale In Short-Term — French video-sharing site Dailymotion is not looking to sell itself, the firm’s CEO told StrategyEye, dampening recent speculation of an imminent sale. Mark Zaleski says Dailymotion, the most visited video site in France and one of the most popular in Europe, is developing a business model that will enable it to stay independent. This is based on agreements with content providers, such as Viacom and Time Warner, as well as cross-platform expansion, says Zaleski citing the launch of a mobile service in France in partnership with Vodafone and Neuf. 

Yahoo’s Latest Reorg Is Official: Three New Teams Reporting To Decker With Schneider Heading U.S. — As had been anticipated, Yahoo has announced yet another reorganization. In a move designed to “leverage”, “accelerate”, “monetize” and “enhance” (all Jerry Yang’s words), the company is centralizing consumer product development, establishing a US-focused unit designed to bring products to market faster, and formed an “insights strategy team.” It also announced a slew of new titles, necessary since there’s been so much turnover. The company denies that this is some knee-jerk response to any sudden turmoil, real or perceived. Sue Decker’s statement: “We have planned these changes deliberately over the past several months to clarify responsibilities and to capitalize on the scale advantages while allowing for fine tuning to meet local market needs.” 

Sony Offers Morsels On New Video Platform; Announces Investment Plan For Coming Years — Sony, which is always on the hunt for a new strategy or direction, has offered up its latest growth plan across its various myriad business lines. As described by a Thomson wire report, the company will focus more on organic investment—$16.7 billion through 2011—than on cost cutting, as it’s done in the past. In particular, it wants to invest more in the BRIC countries. In terms of digital media, Sony says it’s rolling out its long awaited and much rumored new multi-platform video service this summer in the US. Still nothing meaty in terms of usable details, except that it will work with its Bravia TVs, Playstations and handheld devices.  

$300 Million Goodwill Writedown At IAC’s Cornerstone Unit — This might bolster the claim that IAC (NSDQ: IACI) needs to break up to improve management focus… in a filing the company says its Cornerstone Brands unit, a catalog distributor, will take a $300 million goodwill writedown. Cornerstone is part of HSNi, which will be its own fr*eestanding company. The writedown is attributed to economic conditions exacerbated by “execution issues and turnover of management.”  

High-End Auctions Debuts eBay Alternative — High-End Auctions is launching an online auction website designed to serve as an alternative to eBay and other mass-marketing internet auctions. The site only accepts items worth USD500 or more. The company says its venture was prompted, in part, by recent changes in eBay’s feedback and bidder identification policies. The startup says its site requires feedback information for both buyers and sellers. In a move designed to further protect auction integrity, the site also identifies all auction participants.