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Posted in Digital Media, News with tags , , , , , , , , , on July 16, 2008 by Dave Liu

Google Search Deal: Clicks On Yahoo Could Cost 22% More — Advertisers could end up paying 22% more for search terms on Yahoo if the Web giant’s proposed paid search partnership with Google comes to fruition, according to new data from SearchIgnite. The search management tech and services firm released a report just hours before the two companies’ top legal brass met with the Senate Antitrust Subcommittee to make the case for their deal.

AOL, Universal Team For Marketing Via Gaming — AOL and NBC Universal Pictures have teamed to market “The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor” through a series of eight online games dubbed “The Dragon Emperor’s Challenge,” it was announced Tuesday. The games such as “Yeti Throwdown” and “Silk Road Race” aim to build anticipation and buzz for the latest chapter in the “Mummy” series directed by Robert Cohen., AOL’s movie news and ticket online destination, will host the games and run the marketing promotion and sweepstakes. The site will release one new game on Tuesdays and Thursdays for the next four weeks. Several versions of the ads will appear in theaters, as well as on the NBC networks: NBC, USA, Bravo and SciFi, among others. Game registration and page views for return visits per individual user are benchmarks that will determine success on, according to Kristin Rolla, the site’s director of business and content. “We’ve created a pretty strong template to promote other movies with games, if we had the right partner,” she said.

AOL Launches New Personal Finance Site, Image Gallery—But The Brand Is Absent — Despite shifting focus to an ad-supported business and ad network years ago, AOL can’t seem to shake the image of being known as that dial-up ISP. So rather than continue to fight, AOL is finding that it might just be better to erase it, or at least downplay it somewhat. Case in point: two new channels, a personal finance site called WalletPop and a fr*ee professional images site, Pixcetera, debuted this morning—both without the AOL brand prominently featured on its site (scroll way down) or in the URL. That said, the sites do have the same look and feel of others and AOL’s main page features a link that does connect directly to WalletPop—but the link only says “Money” and doesn’t identify the site by name. As AOL continues its site rollout—the company is in the process of creating a new one aimed at younger women for launch later this year—expect the AOL name to be less and less prominent as the portals become less popular in the minds of users. More details on WalletPop announcement is here.

Yahoo Combining Sports, Entertainment Under Pitaro In Gilford’s Wake — And the winner is James Pitaro … the head of Yahoo Sports gets an expanded portfolio in the wake of Entertainment head Karin Gilford’s departure to Comcast. Pitaro and Gilford each directly reported to Yahoo Media Group’s Scott Moore. Instead of replacing Gilford, a Yahoo spokesman tells us Moore is adding entertainment to Pitaro’s responsibilities by creating a Sports & Entertainment division. Day-to-day operations remain with the GMs of the various entertainment teams: Sibyl Goldman, Yahoo Movies, Yahoo TV, and omg!; Michael Spiegelman, Music; Brandon Holley, Yahoo Shine; and Lauren DeVellier, Yahoo Kids.

TechCrunch To Sell To News Corp.? — Valleywag’s Nicholas Carlson on Tuesday floated the rumor that Michael Arrington’s blog TechCrunch will be imminently sold to Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp.  Carlson claims that a startup founder over the weekend overheard TechCrunch writers celebrating the sale of TechCrunch to News Corp.’s Fox Interactive Media unit. He said that the deal had been signed but won’t be made public until TechCrunch’s summer party. Another unnamed source corroborated the rumor, but News Corp. flatly denied that a deal was on. Carlson claims Arrington is desperate to sell, but joining FIM “makes little sense on the surface” because, for one thing, FIM chief Peter Levinsohn is far from being one of Arrington’s fans. In fact, he suggests that Arrington’s volatile personality might be the biggest thing standing in the way of a TechCrunch sale. Time Warner’s AOL had been interested in buying TC only for the deal to fall through because AOL “worried about Arrington’s mental stability and doubted whether the brand would survive if the mercurial blogger left.”

MTV Gets Back Into Music Recommendation With ‘Soundtrack’; Rhapsody To Handle Download Sales — MTV Networks (NYSE: VIA), now better known for creating series like The Hills than bringing the world the next Thriller video, is launching a new social net site tomorrow called Soundtrack. The company previewed the site at a small briefing in a plush, living room-like setting at its offices in the Viacom building Tuesday afternoon. While executives sought to avoid any comparisons to MySpace Music or, the main point of differentiation is that the song and artist selections on the site are based largely on tunes used within shows on the cable net.