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Posted in Digital Media, News with tags , , , , , , , , , , on September 25, 2008 by Dave Liu

Is Yahoo Trying To Sell Yahoo Answers? — Part of Yahoo’s survival strategy beyond merging with AOL may be to sell of what they consider to be non-core assets for cash. We heard from a source that Yahoo may be quietly reaching out to a couple of potential buyers to see if they’d be interested in their Yahoo Answers property. We filed the rumor away under “ridiculous” until today, when we confirmed with a different source at a major Internet company that they were in fact approached, in a very informal way and through an intermediary, about a possible acquisition. Yahoo Answers, which was launched in late 2005, is a staggeringly huge site. Recent Comscore stats say the service attracts nearly 150 million monthly visitors worldwide and generates 1.3 billion monthly page views. That’s 67% unique visitor growth in the last year. Yahoo as a whole, though, has nearly 100 billion monthly page views, so it isn’t a material percentage of total Yahoo traffic.

MySpace Launches Ad Service — MySpace is rolling out a new advertising product called the Self-Serve Ad Service that makes it easy for anyone to promote their product or service on the social network. Users can upload ads they’ve created or make new ones using the MySpace system. To create new ads, users choose from a list of templates and upload an image to place in the ad. They can then target their audience by gender, age, region, city/state and interests. The system allows for such hypertargeting as women aged 27-52 who live in Rancho Cucamonga, Calif. and love the book “Brave New World.” After setting your target, you select the amount you’re willing to spend on the overall campaign ($25 minimum) and how much you’re willing to spend per click ($0.25 minimum). Then, you simply give them your credit card info. How MySpace calculates the value for the placements was not disclosed.

Consoles Gain In Popularity, May Steal Ad Dollars — Worldwide revenues from connected consoles–or gaming systems that are connected to the Internet via broadband–are set to top $4 billion in just two years, according to new data from Parks Associates. Companies like Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo will increasingly compete with cable providers and set-top box makers for user and advertiser dollars as they reach those projections.

NHL.Com Puck Drop: New Look; Subscription Video Live, Any Market; Yahoo Fantasy Hockey With Video — Usually the new-look focus at the start of a hockey season is on the teams—or in some cases, the owners. This year,, the National Hockey League’s online headquarters, gets in on the action with the Wednesday launch of a public beta version, live subscription game video viewable from any U.S. market and a new co-branded premium fantasy game with Yahoo Sports. The changes and additions fit into the overall strategy of the NHL as media company. They also represent a mix of fr*ee info, live games and archived video and features that probably are more than enough for the average fan and premium projects for the most avid.